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You're driving from Housatonic toward Stockbridge on 183 and suddenly there's the aroma of freshly baked bread in the air.  You're passing The Berkshire Mountain Bakery.  By all means pull your car, your bike or your feet into the parking lot and go in.  This is where it all happens.  There are lots of  natural Artisanal breads to choose from.  This is a European style bakery that uses sourdough starter to naturally leaven their breads.  This process provides real health benefits for whole grain breads.  All the breads are crusty and full of flavor. There are many to choose from such as  Flax seed bread, Olive bread,  Raisin, Cherry Pecan,,  Peasant French, and then there are the ciabattas -- cheese jalapeno and dark chocolate (chock full of dark chocolate chunks) to name a few.  They have recently started baking cookies and they are a real treat.  Our favorites are the Chocolate Café and the Ginger Molasses, but you should try them all and decide for yourself. There are always samples of the breads and the cookies to taste and they even supply olive oil for dipping the bread into.  If you don't see anyone just give a yell and someone will come out of the bakery and sell you a loaf, or 2 or 3.  And, they are more than happy to talk to you  to explain what they're doing or you can just watch.  By the way, they also make the crusts for the pizzas at Baba Louie's, and you'll never taste a better pizza crust..  . 
On  Rte 183
413- 274-3412

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In 1888  Henry Baldwin began making extracts and selling them from a horse-drawn wagon. Today they are sold in an wonderful old store in the charming small town of West Stockbridge.  Walk into the store on Center Street is and take in the rich, sweet scent of vanilla. The person behind the counter will look up, smile and welcome you.  The store is filled.  Not only the extracts and syrups,  but old-fashioned penny candies and toys as well..

The vanilla extract is extraordinary but vanilla isn't the company's only claim to fame. They also make anise, lemon, orange and coffee extracts. You can make your own flavored waters or pour them over ice cream.  There is also flavorful Worchestire sauce, bay rum cologne and Walnut Russe, a maple syrup with walnuts.  These are all made from old family recipes.  Yum!

There is a catalog, or you can go to their web site, but nothing can be better than  going into the store, so when you're in the Berkshires go to West Stockbridge and stop in.

We think Charles H. Balwin & Sons is one of the Best of the Berkshires.

Charles H. Baldwin & Sons
11 Center Street, West Stockbridge, Ma.
Tel:  413-232-7785 or fax 413-232-0114



When's the last time you saw an actual working dairy farm?  There's one right in the Berkshires, just outside of Lee. The last remaining complete dairy farm in the Berkshires it's been owned by the same family and been in operation for over 100 years.  The Jersey herd, bred for superior milk production, is nationally recognized. Some of the cow's families can be traced back 15 generations.

The cows feed off fresh grass in the summer months, and almost all of their winter feed comes straight from the farms corn and hay fields. There are no genetically modified seeds, harmful pesticides or animal byproducts in the feed which assures that the milk is an all-natural, artificial hormone-free product.  And, the cows are only milked only twice a day, whereas other farms may milk their cows as many as four times a day.  Because the cows are so well taken care of they have a life expectancy that is twice that of conventional dairy farms.

You'll find High Lawn Farms milk  in most stores and when you buy it you'll know you're getting the freshest products available. 

For a visit call for appointment.  They love to show the kids how it all works.

We think Highlawn Farm is one of the Best of the Berkshires.

On Summer Street/Off Rte. 20



This small farm was started from scratch in 1984.  The owners cleared a wooded area, built the buildings and started the business which produces fresh cheese from their herd of 50 Alpine goats. In addition to plain they offer herbed varieties of Chives and Garlic, and Thyme and Olive Oil. You'll find Rawson Brook Farm's cheese in 7 oz. and one-pound tubs at many of the local stores, but there's a real treat in store for you if you stop by the farm.

We think Rawson's Brook Farm is one of the Best of the Berkshires!

It's located at 185 New Marlboro Road in Montery
Tel:413- 528-2138


What's better than a fresh picked apple in the Fall?  For over fifty years four generations the Bartlett family have been growing, packing and shipping apples from their trees on their 52 acres apple-growing land on Lenox Mountain in Richmond.  Stop by the stand where there are 18 different varieties of apples from which to choose.  It's open 7 days a week, year round and because the apples are stored in a special Crisp-Aire Cooler they are always fresh, even in the middle of winter. 
In the Fall you can observe the pressing of cider apples, to see how to make Apple Cider the all-natural way!  You can take home a jug  or sit at one of the picnic tables and take in the scenery while enjoying  a cup of hot, spicy apple cider.  There's also a full bakery with fresh-made apple cider donuts, muffins, pies and other seasonal specialties plus a wide variety of specialty New England  including Massachusetts pure maple syrup and  jams, jellies, cheese, fudge, natural peanut butter, coffees and unique candies.  They also stock convenience items such as milk, bread, ice cream, eggs and cold drinks and a wide variety of fresh produce, much of which is grown  on the farm during the summer.  Gift boxes and holiday gift baskets, which  are available from mid September until Christmas, can also be ordered through the web-site.
You can Pick-Your-Own apples from Labor Day until Columbus Day.

Bartlett's is a great stop when you're on a Fall foliage drive and that's why we thing Bartlett's Apple Orchard is one of the Best of the Berkshires!

575 Swamp Road in Richmond,



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